The Other Side “why we made this film” intro video (it’s short!)

I made this short intro video for missyjack‘s party in Melbourne at which they are showing The Other Side (today!). šŸ˜€ It’s a bit of a “the making of” based on questions missyjack sent me. I would have loved to go into more detail (especially heaping more love on specific cast and crew members–divanoir, I’m looking at you) but as it was being shown at a party I couldn’t make it too long.

New artwork(s) for The Other Side!

Check out these amazing new artworks!

NEW GIF SETS: liselotte did an amazing job on these gif sets! Set one | Set two | Set three

NEW FILM POSTER: Quickreaver made an amazing painted poster for us!Ā  Give her a Tumblr heart or reblogĀ here

CODA SCENE: badbastion did this amazing coda scene! Go leave her love here.


Download links!

– Full Hi-res file can be saved via KeepVid or similar function from the complete film post on You Tube
Download The Other Side low res .mp4 (good for iPod, iPhone, etc.) 202 MB file

Archive links!

I’m working on the final set of links. Here’s what I have so far:

Find The Other Side at: Our official website | LJ | You Tube | Tumblr | Tumblr post 2 | Tumblr post 3 | What People are Saying | AO3 coming soon | Facebook coming soon

Reuploded Part 2 with frame rate fixed and in 1080p HD


Parts One and Two had frame rate issues. I’ve fixed Part Two and reuploaded it on our home page. Sadly, this means view counts and comments are only available at the original post, but on the bright side, you can now watch in true 1080HD and you can now see it really clearly when Sam slams Dean into the wall!


We are getting some press, yay! We now have a press page.

The Other Side: Release Schedule


Maichan made this amazing promo poster for us! Photography by Min Benjamin-Hong. Featuring Lauren Amick as Sam Winchester.

THE OTHER SIDE IS FINISHED! Watch it on our homepage.

  • 4/16 Release Schedule & Sam Poster by maichan
  • 4/23 The Road So Far (Vid by Loki)
  • 4/24 Dean poster by maichan
  • 4/30 Part One
  • 5/7 Part Two
  • 5/14 Part Three
  • 5/21 Gag Reel/Extended Credits and poster by Quickreaver