“The Other Side”: Supernatural Fan Film at Geeks are Sexy

Supernatural” finally gets a fan film—with one major twist“ at The Daily Dot

Fan Films Strike Back: Sam and Dean Winchester Gets a Gender Swap in “Supernatural: The Other Side” Please note that this article contains an error: Sam Winchester is played by Lauren Amick. Evelyn Dwyer plays Cady, the bar owner from Part Two.


“…aside from some unavoidable budget issues, it could easily be a lost episode of the show,” —The Daily Dot

“it’s a combination of footage cut from the show and original material, which gives it a really nice “missing episode” feel,” Geeks Are

“IT IS SO AMAZING! Casting is brilliant and the Sam/Dean dynamic is just perfect! Congratulations to you, Naomi and everyone involved! Truly fantastic achievement.” —Jules from the SupernaturalWiki

“It really does feel like authentic SPN—thanks to so many details, it blows the mind to think about.” —Killabeez

“The characters feel so real (I can tell, because I keep wanting to yell at them :)” –maenad

“This is amazing. The actors are splendid too, fantastic casting :D” —sagetan

“I’m finding it surprisingly easy to interpret these two as the “real” Sam and Dean.” –zebra363

“Beeeeeeeeeeeest. Oh my god. I do not even have words for how awesome this is.” —freres_toujours

And a little self-deprecating humor from Jared that I couldn’t resist including here, even though it’s not about the film itself:

“That’s OK [that we recast them as women] because they’re pretty!” —Jared Padalecki, upon seeing the posters [not the film]

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